Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Have you ever come across such a person ?

Have you ever met a person just by looking at him/her smile, your lil lips just tends to curves up automatically ?
Or a person where you'll peek over secretly just to check whether is he/she glancing over ? 
Maybe someone who makes you go all crazy in the inside when he/she pass by you ?
Someone who will make you faint the minute he/she says "hi" ?
A person whom you won't stop thinking before you sleep, hoping you will see him/her in your dreams ?
Someone who will make your day just by a simple text ? 
Someone who you wish to say "I miss you" to ?
Or maybe someone you're thinking of right now ? :)

Well, just a simple update since i haven't been posting anything for months! haha :O
Have a nice day 

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